What Does Google Want?

Google – What Do They Want To See?

So, you have a website, it’s good looking, has all your information clearly laid out and it works well, loading quickly and is mobile friendly…. but Google doesn’t rank you very highly in search…….

Why don’t they like your website enough to give you a share of the traffic you feel you deserve?

Assuming that you have the basics in place and your website is functioning as it should, that you are included in Googles’ index, don’t have any penalties (you can check this in Webmaster Tools) and you have high quality web content that is genuinely useful for your visitors, unique and grammatically correct, you probably rank somewhere, just not very high up in SERPs.

How To Get To The Top Of Google

Improving your rankings involves link building. Billions of websites link to each other, ‘referencing’ recommended content that their readers will find useful. Google apply a value to each of these backlinks, and that cumulative value is used to determine the trust and authority of your website. Info on how to build high quality relevant category backlinks can be found at DeehoSEO.com a leading link building consultancy.

Every page in Google’s index is given a link category and a trust/authority score between 0 and 100. The link category and score is determined by the category and score of each of the links pointing to your site.

The more category relevant and the higher the scores of those links, the more trust and authority your site will accumulate, making your site more powerful and allowing it to climb online, attracting more visitors.

seo services hitchinYou ideally need to attract backlinks from within relevant content on sites that themselves have a dominance of links from category relevant sites.

This means that if your site sells electrical goods, your links need to come from the shopping/electricals category, although some other categories will also assist your rankings including ‘business’, ‘regional’, ‘computers/ecommerce’ etc. What you want to avoid is attracting a lot of unrelated category links (learn Google friendly SEO http://www.seo-trainingcourses.com/) as these send a negative ranking signal to Google making your page less relevant for the search terms that you want to rank for.

You can check your backlink profile and category profile using either ahrefs.com or majesticseo.com which both provide detailed information.