House Building

House Building with Timber Frame or Brick and Block

The basic difference between timber frame house building construction and brick and block, is not so much the contrast between the materials, but the difference to the builders in the amount of time and effort spent on the process on site.

The timber frame arrives on a lorry, and depending on its size and complexity can generally be erected in a week or less, pretty much regardless of the Continue reading “House Building”

Are You Driving Too Fast?

How Fast are you Driving your Car?

The car that you are driving is fitted with a speedometer. The car that you drive is fitted with a speedometer because, if not, it is not MOT certifiable, and therefore, not road worthy.

The gauge allows you to view your speed objectively, but the speed you drive at is more likely to be down to your perception, or feeling of speed in relation to surroundings.

This really is just an estimation, and more often than not, an estimation that means that you will exceed speed limits, making the purpose of the speedometer little more than decorative.

As cars are made to higher specifications, quieter and more powerful for instance, the limits become easier and easier to Continue reading “Are You Driving Too Fast?”

What Does Google Want?

Google – What Do They Want To See?

So, you have a website, it’s good looking, has all your information clearly laid out and it works well, loading quickly and is mobile friendly…. but Google doesn’t rank you very highly in search…….

Why don’t they like your website enough to give you a share of the traffic you feel you deserve?

Assuming that you have the basics in place and your website is functioning as it should, that you are included in Googles’ index, don’t have any penalties (you can check this in Webmaster Tools) and you have high quality web content that is genuinely useful for your Continue reading “What Does Google Want?”

Credit Cards & Online Shopping

A Look at Credit Cards in the UK

The credit card has become a staple part of many people’s financial lives. Many take it as standard practice to pay for anything as substantial as a tank of fuel for the car, or the weekly shop by credit card.

In doing so, what they have done, in effect, is to borrow money from the card provider (which is usually a bank), under agreement to repay after an agreed time limit.

Alternatively, there are those who only wish to pay as they go, to keep an eye on their own finances, paying by cash or by debit card, to avoid being “in debt”.

The disciplined user of credit cards is way in front here, effectively using the bank’s money for purchases for which you get the Continue reading “Credit Cards & Online Shopping”